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New to the community

Hi all.

I'm a biological male, but I've been trying to transition to androgyny for some time now. I occasionally get mistaken for a female and have been asked what my gender was before. Not so much since I had to get my hair cut though.

My personal reasons for being gender neutral are I didn't fit society's conventional male role, and I don't really approve of gender roles at all. A person is a person. I plan on keeping my penis, for I quite enjoy it, but I don't want people I don't know to pigeonhole me as one way simply because of my gender. The only way I want people to know my gender is if I tell them or show them. I actually failed to give a decent run down of my reasons but oh well. I've got to wake up for my first day of school in 5 hours.

My hardest part is developing a neutral voice. I can do an okay female voice (not a falsetto) and my male voice is still pretty natural, but I don't know how to go neutral.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, and I hope this community isn't completely dead. I think I'll like it here.
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