Jinx (aviatophobia) wrote in genderneutral,

There's been a new update on manicjane.com

(and don't forget, as always you can chat it up with these babes for free over at the manicjane Message Boards)

(taken directly from the site's about us page)

We won’t admit to necessarily being original with this site concept. Right now the market is flooded with “alt-girl” sites… some huge, some small.

What we’d like to see is a site with no labels. No boundaries. Where everyone – we mean EVERYONE – is welcome.

Not just “alt-girls.” Any type, any body size, any color, any age.

ALL girls. Yeah, okay, some boys too!

So many sites out there have strict guidelines for submitting your stuff, or are designed for one particular “style/type” of person. Not here.

ManicJane isn’t about judgment or criticism. Certainly, it is somewhat about vanity. It is an oasis for anyone craving acceptance, an outlet for ideas, a place to share your pictures and stories and hopefully make a few friends along the way if you wanted to. You can give and take as much as you wish.

You will have two options: just be yourself in our community bulletin board, or apply be part of the family as a “Jane Doe.” Acceptance is key here.

As a Jane Doe, tasteful "full-nudity" is required for photo sets. However, as a member in our community, your limits are your own - but showing at least some skin is certainly preferred… obviously!

Artistic work is also accepted, however we do not –nor will we – claim that this site is purly artistic in nature. There are plenty of other outlets out there for that type of stuff. And one person’s art is another person’s porn. Keep that in mind.

Just be yourself here. Please.

And to show a bit more flavor from the site...

Of course you'll have to pop on over to see the rest. Don't want to spoil all of it for ya. ^_~
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